034 – Dr Juan Michelle Martin – How Do You Get A Telehealth Service Started and People To Book In?

In this episode we talk to Dr Juan Michelle Martin. Dr. Martin is a pelvic floor physical therapist and telehealth consultant. She is the owner of JMM Health Solutions, a concierge practice offering in person and virtual sessions as well as the creator of the Zero to Telehealth and Telehealth Taster programs designed to get clinicians confidently started with and executing telehealth sessions with their clients.

We asked her lots of questions about how Telehealth has been helpful for her clients and she shared some fantastic ideas on how we can use this current situation as an opportunity to connect with people and help those in more rural areas.

Some of the highlights in this podcast:

  • Her subjective assessment is collating the intake forms and then listening.
  • Assessment can be ADLS in their environment. Watch them perform the aggravating task.
  • In regards to treatment, always bring it back to the client’s goals
  • Use social media as an opportunity to promote yourself as a specialist. Speak to the people.
  • Get people on a video call rather than telephone call. It can help get them used to the idea of telehealth
  • Before going online, get the legal stuff sorted. Become a legal entity, to protect yourself. Get consent forms, privacy, communication policy etc all sorted BEFORE starting. Make sure you have liability insurance and that it includes telehealth.
  • In the USA you can only practice telehealth for clients that reside in states that you are licensed in. This is not a limitation though – most states have large populations and you have an opportunity to reach out to people in isolated areas.
  • Consider doing a check-in with patients via video
  • If you are a clinic owner, consider having a pelvic health PT that can consult via Telehealth.
  • In the future, perhaps clients can have their physical therapist on video phone to be with them in consults with their doctor

A huge thank you to Dr Martin for her time today. It has given us lots of food for thought!

Juan Michelle has kindly shared her Telehealth consent form. You can find that here: https://www.jmmhealthsolutions.com/offers/wWeW93xn

There are also more Telehealth resources at www.jmmhealthsolutions.com/telehealth

You can find her at
Website: https://www.jmmhealthsolutions.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JMMHealthSolutions
IG: www.instagram.com/thepelvicperspective
Phone: (770) 569-3572

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