024 – Molly Galbraith – How Can I Heal My Relationship With My Body?

This episode is a little different in that we have a guest host – none other than Antony’s daughter, Amie Lo.

When Antony mentioned that we were having the privilege to interview Molly Galbraith (Women in Charge of Girls Gone Strong) again and that we were going to be talking about body positivity, Amie had so many great questions for us that we thought it would be great if she asked Molly herself!

In this episode Molly shares her journey with us and how she turned her life (and her health) around by healing her relationship with her body.

Some of the things that she found helped were:

  1. Noticing when she was having negative thoughts about her body and how often she was saying really negative things about herself and her body.
  2. Getting clear on her values and what she believed.
  3. Questioning the thoughts she was having and how they did not align with her values
    • Moving her thoughts from negative to positive
  4. (she gives a great example here regarding chronic pain)
  5. Focusing on things related to her body that had nothing to do with how her body looked. This could include what her body could do, how her body served her and what value she added to the world.
    • Curating what images she exposed herself to on social media…

Some other questions that Amie asked include:

  • do you get affected by social media influences like IG models?
  • does posting on social media cause any anxiety?
  • do you ever get tempted to photoshop or alter your photos?

Please listen and share this interview with your friends and family. This is a great one for your teenage girls!

If you want to get in touch with Molly you can find her at:

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