014 – Amy Eicher’s SIJ Pain Story

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Amy Eicher is an Author, Speaker, Pain Coach, clinician, athlete, and mother of two who, having spent years trying to get back her life from the abyss of pain, now focuses on empowering women with persistent pain to restore their lives through movement, self-discovery and education.

In this podcast, Amy speaks with Antony and Marika about her journey from being an elite level swimmer via a painful injury which was attributed to a ligamentous strain in the SI joint, which took her out of the pool and which culminated in years of pain, tears and frustration followed by surgery which failed to deliver the promised resolution.

In telling her story, the discussion covers the following:
– how explanations and environment influence pain;
– the role of fear;
– Amy’s journey through different therapists, therapeutic approaches and explanations, including physical therapy, surgery and medication;
– how living with pain has the potential to shrink one’s world;
– the importance of being able to get back to things that mattered (eg swimming, friends);
– strategies for managing pain and flare-ups;
– getting out of the abyss;
– recognising positives;
– challenging believes and why it’s not always the most important facet of care;
– understanding communication styles and needs;
– calming stuff down; and
– building stuff up.

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