048 – Dr Julie Granger – Are Teenagers Children or Adults?

In this episode we have a fantastic conversation with Dr Julie Granger all about adolescent health and well being.

You may remember Julie from our previous episode (#20 “Do you have a hormonal teenager?”)

Julie educates and mentors physical therapists and health professionals to eliminate the awkwardness that comes with helping teens — to instead confidently and expertly guide them and their families toward healthy lives in adolescence and adulthood. She also helps entrepreneurial physical therapists and health professionals who are feeling stuck, confused, or overwhelmed about how to start or grow a practice to tap into their intuition and discover a personalized life and business plan that’s both inspiring and reflects what they truly love in life.

In this podcast, we talk about

  • how teens often slip through the cracks as they don’t fit into either the adult or paediatric models of care
  • how some teenage boys can bottle up their emotions and minimise their injuries – and how we can open up dialogue with them
  • the importance of allowing children to experience the consequences of their decisions in the process of transitioning to independent adults
  • why some injuries and pains are more common at different age points (think: bony changes)
  • why it is essential for health professionals working with teens to know the growth charts and to have good links with radiologists that understand growth plates
  • some tips for communicating with parents of teens
  • how to help navigate the rehabilitation timeline with teens (when a week feels like a year!)
  • how to set up your working environment to make it more “teen friendly”

You can learn more about Dr Granger here:
Facebook: @drjuliegranger
Instagram: @drjuliegranger
Twitter: @drjuliegranger

If you would like to join her FB group and learn more about working with this population head to


And for those who want to deep dive and become the go-to expert in working with teens, then definitely check out her online course (commencing November 16th):
http://bit.ly/healthprosforhealthyteens (using this code will help support our podcast by giving us a small commission).

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