041 – Vicki Webber – How Does A Mother Of 4 Cope With Competitive Crossfit And Running A Gym

In this episode we talk to Vicki Webber – CrossFit Competitor and Box owner.

Vicki shares with us

  • how she fell in love with CrossFit and went from being someone who never really did much lifting to being an international competitor
  • her pregnancy and birth experiences… and how different number four has been in comparison to the first three!
  • her recent postnatal experience including difficulties with bladder control and heaviness in the perineum
  • her experiences returning to CrossFit in the postnatal period
  • how she has found that changing the way that she moves (with guidance from her physiotherapist) has helped her symptoms of heaviness in the perineum.
  • her experience as a coach of the changes in post pregnancy information that is provided to pregnant and postnatal women
  • how her coaching has changed since having recent symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction We hope to chat to Vicko again in the future to see how she is getting on in her journey.

You can learn more about Vicki here:





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