039 – Antony Lo and Marika Hart – Neurodiversity

Ok, so this podcast is slightly different to our usual!
In this episode we talk about neurodiversity…and in particular, Antony discusses his personal experience living with ADHD.

We reiterate that we (Marika and Antony) are NOT neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists etc – and we are definitely NOT experts in ADHD or other neurodevelopmental disorders. We just wanted to have a chat about

  • some of the difficulties associated with living with ADHD – in particular organisation/planning, staying focussed and getting tasks finished
  • how difficult social situations can be and the nuances that are often missed
  • how online forums can be particularly challenging (esp for those who are literal (black/white) thinkers
  • how medication has helped Antony (when he remembers to take it!)

We hope that this generates a bit of conversation around neurodiversity – how thinking differently comes with challenges but how it can also result in incredible creativity! We need people that can think outside the box and support those who struggle with fitting into our neurotypical-biased community.

In this episode, we start out by discussing Antony’s upcoming mentoring program. To join, please head to: www.physiodetective.com/masterclass

Marika also discussed her online postnatal and pelvic “up and go” classes. If you would like to learn more, head to www.bodylogic.physio or email marika@dynamicstrengthphysio.com.au. These classes can be attended by anyone living in Australia.

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