032 – Maggie Bergeron – Telehealth, Embodia, And Their Amazing Offering!

In this episode, Antony talks with Maggie Bergeron, the co-founder of Embodia.

Antony and Maggie were messaging after having done the #PTTogether Episode 2 webinar earlier (available free on Embodia!). Anyway, Maggie mentioned she was up late because she had been busy doing support during this busy time with all the changes with COVID-19 and there had been some technical hiccups with their transition from Zoom for Business to Zoom for Healthcare…

…and so Antony, ever the questioner, had to ask why they were moving to Zoom for Healthcare since they are an education company!

Listen to the episode for the details but the bottom line is that subscription members of Embodia have access to unlimited free 40mins Zoom for Healthcare consults including bookings and sending home exercise program videos! And they are simply passing on the cost if you want longer than 40mins!

That’s unbelievably good value considering Zoom for healthcare for one person would cost at least 10 times that amount of money!

So please take advantage of the fact that you can contact Maggie and ask any questions you need to.

Please note that NO COMMISSIONS OR PAYMENT was received for this podcast. Antony thought it was a great initiative and wanted to share this with you all.

Maggie Bergeron is a registered physiotherapist who received her Master of Science in Physical Therapy from McMaster University in 2009 after completing her undergraduate studies at the University of Ottawa.

Maggie co-founded Embodia in 2014 to modernize the patient experience and to provide a simple, easy way to take continuing education courses to all physiotherapists and rehabilitation practitioners, regardless of their location, budget or area of practice.

Maggie is also the host of HealthTO – a health technology event that brings together 200 health tech enthusiasts bi-monthly to network, learn, and collaborate. She has been an invited speaker at Universities, technology symposiums and healthcare conferences across Canada. Maggie currently serves as a mentor, placement host and holds a Status-Only Appointment (lecturer ranking) with the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto.

Outside of work, Maggie enjoys travelling, rock climbing and attempting to play ultimate frisbee.

You can contact Maggie at Embodia via the links below:


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