022 – Lisa Ryan – Surgery For Diastasis – Is It The Easy Option?

In this episode, we chat to Lisa Ryan, Crossfit competitor and Pregnancy and Postnatal Athleticism coach. Lisa has a fascinating story to share about her experiences through pregnancy and postnatally, in particular her journey in living with significant diastasis recti and her ultimate decision to have surgery.

Lisa tells us her story about

  • how she came to love Crossfit and find that she was a competitor
  • how she discovered that she had diastasis recti after her first pregnancy
  • her journey with different physiotherapists and coaches between her pregnancies and during her second pregnancy
  • diastasis recti and body image
  • her decision to have surgery for the abdominal separation and how she found the right surgeon
  • her pre-operative plan
  • her emotions leading up to the surgery and how she felt in the early weeks post-surgery
  • her post-surgical recovery to date- including those first few weeks
  • her tips for women considering surgery

You can learn more about Lisa here:

Website: https://lisa-ryan.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LisaMarieRyan22/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lisa.marie.ryan/

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