004 – April Wheeler – Observations Of A Physical Therapist and CrossFit Coach

Dr April Wheeler Moore is from Nashville, Tennessee. She is a Physical Therapist and CrossFit Coach. Her Instagram account is @shenashville.

April has held her CrossFit level-1 certification for six years and currently coaches at a local gym in Nashville, TN. Professionally, she is a Physical Therapist with a background ranging from developmental pediatrics to sports-based adult orthopedics. April uses her clinical knowledge as a physical therapist, and her creative background as a CrossFit coach in combination to provide her clients in both settings with quality, personalized care. She currently hosts an online platform, SHE Nashville, which is an acronym for Strategy, Healing, and Education. This platform advocates for the education and empowerment of women and young girls, with the mantra “Every woman deserves access to quality education and the right to make informed decisions in regard to exercise”.

Dr April Wheeler Moore
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  1. Germana says:

    Almost everyone has some form of stress in their life. Stress can be a big factor in some one’s health and fitness. Many people are so busy with their everyday lives they don’t realize how much stress can affect their overall health. There are certain things people can do to reduce stress in their life in order to improve their health and fitness.

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