001 – Welcome To The Women’s Health Podcast!

Welcome to The Women’s Health Podcast!

Hosts Antony Lo, The Physio Detective, and Marika Hart from Heraspehere are Australian-trained Physical Therapists and share a mission to bring you the best quality information about all health-related issues that women may face.

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The Women’s Health Podcast
Website – womenshealthpodcast.com
Podbean – womenshealthpodcast.info
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Instagram – instagram.com/womenshealthpodcast
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Antony Lo – The Physio Detective
Business Website – physiodetective.com
Education Website – mypteducation.com
Facebook – fb.me/physiodetective
Facebook – fb.me/antonylo
Instagram – instagram.com/physiodetective
Twitter – instagram.com/physiodetective

Marika Hart – Herasphere and Dynamic Strength Physiotherapy
Website – herasphere.net
Website – dynamicstrengthphysio.com.au
Facebook – fb.me/herasphere
Facebook – fb.me/dynamicstrengthphysiotherapy
Instagram – instagram.com/herasphere.physio
Twitter – twitter.com/herasphere

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