054 – Kieran Richardson – What Is The Future Of Physical Therapy and Evidence-Based Practice?

Today we have the pleasure of speaking to Kieran Richardson.

Kieran is a Specialist Physiotherapist and the Director of Global Specialist Physiotherapy, a consultancy company providing Professional Development, Formal Mentoring and Non-surgical opinions for patients. 

Kieran and his team of academics, expert clinicians and researchers consult to multiple clinics and health care professionals in Perth, Western Australia, and well as nationally and internationally via online platforms such as Zoom. 

He also has various online courses for both clinicians and patients, specifically covering non-surgical management of ACL tears. 

He also has successfully overseen 100’s of full thickness ACL tears of patients both in Australia and internationally via the Telehealth method.

Today we talked about:
– Kieran’s career journey – from considering a life as an accountant, doctor or lawyer to choosing to be a physiotherapist
– how the specialisation process helped – in particular the mentoring/peer review
– how applying evidence-based practice can be a tricky balance 
– how ACL management is VERY surgical focussed in Australia and how this has been very slow to change in spite of the current research
– how healthcare is very medically dominant – we (physiotherapists) would need to be a combined force to have a strong say
– the evidence for and against manual therapy – are we throwing the baby out with the bathwater?
– communicating with colleagues online. Could we do better?
– the business of healthcare and how profits can impact on management.
– ACL pathways. What is considered best management? How is ACL surgery/rehab funded in Australia?
– whether or not physiotherapists could play a bigger role in musculoskeletal pain in primary health care settings to help reduce medical burden
– why important intra- and interdisciplinary collaboration is so important
– his top tips for new graduate physiotherapists

You can find Kieran at:

Check out his references at: www.globalspecialistphysio.com/acl